Advice and coaching for professional reintegration and integration

  • The CARIP vocational integration/reintegration scheme is designed for anyone wishing to create a source of income regardless of their situation: first job, reintegration of people who have left their job…etc.

  • The CARIP device is a formal and structured device, designed by Core Advice ; it provides beneficiaries with an integrated range of services including an orientation report, a detailed and concrete information on promising economic sectors, a common training in the management of a small company, a specific training according to the job, coaching and follow-up of the person during the start-up phase of his/her activity.

  • The CARIP is based on volunteering documented by information and a highly developed communication.

  • The individual is at the center of the process, the services and advice offered are based on economic and geographical opportunities.

  • The results of the career assessment report determine and guide the structure of the reintegration pathway; common and individual training is a step that is completed by individual coaching at the start of the activity.

  • Its durability is guaranteed by the appropriation by the national authorities.

The behavioral assessment

A tool for detecting potentials and skills

It is a simulated work situation that can be used in different contexts: adequacy job/person, recruitment, promotion, identification of training needs / preparation of the training plan.

The evaluation of people’s professional behavior is carried out through simulations (written or oral, including by telephone,) which are specifically built by the Core Advice teams to reproduce the reality of the jobs concerned and reveal the professional behaviors for performance.

Each session of “behavioral assessment” is composed of one or more exercises, written or oral, simulating real professional situations taking into account also the socio-culture of the organization.

In the written simulation of the “in-basket mail” type, the person plays the role of a manager who in a certain time (usually 2 or 3 hours) will have to deal with different situations and problems.

Core Advice, together with Arnava (SBT Group), has developed the first computer-based “in-basket mail” simulation to evaluate the professional capabilities and behaviors of executives in sub-Saharan Africa.