Core Advice brings together a team of consultants with complementary expertise, associates or partners. Together they have a proven experience in economic and institutional reforms in emerging countries.



Lydia Montalti

Founder of the company Core Advice, partner and managing director, Lydia Montalti has a background in management and human resources management and has led for over 25 years many strategic consulting missions to governments of emerging countries, mainly on issues related to organizational diagnosis and social components of economic and institutional reforms.

As head of mission or consultant, in almost all economic sectors (transport, public works, water, energy, telecommunications, mines, market goods,…) and ministerial (finance, economy, education, health, civil service, employment…), Lydia responsibilities concern HR due diligence, skills assessments, analysis of the gaps between personnel needs/resources supported by the elaboration and implementation of adjustment measures, such as recruitments, training plans, social redeployment plans…. She has also designed and piloted several institutional communication plans to assist the ongoing process of reforms, addressing multiple targets, according to the situations and objectives: social partners, employees and their families, parliamentarians, ministers.


Frederic Ollier

Co-Managing Director and Financial Adminstrator of Core Advice, Frédéric Ollier is graduated from a Business School (ISG) and specialized in finance. He worked for 15 years in the banking sector (CCF, HSBC, Gotthard Bank) in France, Italy, Middle East and Monaco, managing several teams in the area of credit risk analysis, financial analysis and project financing.

In addition to the various functions he has held in the banking sector, Frédéric has also settle back office and credit management systems for banks in Europe and in the Middle East.

Since 2005, Frédéric has been in charge of SMI’s financial and accounting management, project financing and fundraising as well as budget/cost control in the fields of culture and consulting.

Patricia Gougaud de Gensac

Patricia Gougaud de Gensac has a background in Industrial Psychology and Labor. She holds two master’s degrees completed by a postgraduate degree in Personnel Management and Social Management at the Social Management Institute in Paris. Patricia Gougaud de Gensac is specialized in the field of detection and evaluation of potential skills and performances.

Patricia is more specifically trained in different evaluation techniques. She designs and develops specific evaluation tools, according to the problem identified. She operates in Francophone Africa and Madagascar in the framework of economic and institutional reforms. Patricia is a consultant for various HR activities, including recruitment, skills and/or orientation assessments, social audit and quantitative and qualitative human resources diagnosis, analysis and measurement of gaps between personnel needs and resources, drafting of adjustment measures such as training plans, development and implementation of professional integration/reintegration devices.

Patricia has also piloted socio-economic surveys, such as route to professional reintegration (identification of sources of failure and success and lessons learned), and teachers motivations of (primary and secondary public school).

Gerard de Giovanni

Gérard de Giovanni has a dual background in engineering and business management. He is a specialist in supporting industrial and social change, and in the re-industrialization of territories. He was director of the development agency, then regional director of a large industrial group.

Gérard took care of the management of change and the retraining of men, partnerships with local authorities, as well as media communication.

Gérard has managed several companies and was President of the Fondation “Agir Pour l’Emploi”, a joint foundation supporting the economic reintegration of the unemployed. He has also, within the Core Advice team, studied and set up a professional reintegration system for administrative staff affected by a restructuring plan in Madagascar and for public company staff affected by the program of privatization and restructuring in Gabon.

Gérard has a particular knowledge of energy and environmental issues, which has enabled him to found and lead the consulting company for almost 20 years. Today this company is strongly focused on projects relating to the development of the “hydrogen vector”

As part of the social dimension of major infrastructure projects, Core Advice has established a close partnership with:

Meije France Hydrogène

Meije development is a company founded in 2003 which specializes in project development consulting in the fields of energy and the environment in France and abroad. For several years, it has focused on supporting Energy Transition projects aimed at enabling a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Today its activities are strongly oriented in the field of hydrogen with its various components: production, transport, storage, distribution, uses. As such, it is a member of the “France Hydrogène” organization.



Daniel Minella

Daniel Minella has acquired, within a large North American multinational, expertise in consolidation process and data processing. He brings to the Core Advice team his experience and his quality and conformity demand, in the context of the diagnosis and adjustments of various databases relating to human resources of firms and ministries.

Thus Daniel (i) designs and implements database integrity control processes and verifies their compliance with regulations and/or defined objectives, (ii) develops, as part of Human Resources diagnosis and staff redeployment plans, automatic calculation of personnel costs and calculation of the legal rights associated with the automated production of their legal and administrative documentation. Moreover, in the context of socio-economic surveys and skills assessments, Daniel develops models for capturing and exploiting both quantitative and qualitative data.


Pablo Goulemot

Pablo Goulemot has worked for 25 years both in the public sector and in the private sector. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard and a Master’s degree from Paris IX Dauphine.

Pablo has responsibilities in management and consulting both in Europe and Africa and has specialized in restructuring and privatization, particularly in infrastructure and railway sectors.


Jean-Claude Le Gay

Consultant for more than thirty years, Jean-Claude Le Gay, is specialized in institutional reform and systems of human resources management within administrations of emerging countries. He has led numerous reform projects in Europe, Africa and Asia.

His interventions concern in particular (i) institutional development, organizational audit and restructuring of public organizations, technical assistance with the implementation of reforms, reinforcement of the quality of the public service, (ii) civil servants census, jobs socio-economic analyses, rationalization of staff management structures and procedures, control of payroll, voluntary redundancy program, reform of the remuneration system and of the career system… (iii) the evolution of procedures and tools for human resources planning : personnel master plan, job qualification, salary and compensation system, dashboard design…


Yves Kabongo

Yves Kabongo holds a degree in Finance from the University of Montreal (HEC) and holds a MBA from McGill University in Canada. He is very active in youth mentoring and social action in schools and has significant practical and operational experience in the DRC.

Yves has been an independent entrepreneur since 2016 and has created KBG Capital, a Congolese investment fund specializing in mining, oil, energy and technical outsourcing around natural resources. The fund controls 25% of The Icon Group, Spartan Group and Number One Procurement Group, 51% of IFS Africa – DRC, 100% of Great Lake Energy and shares with a place on the Board of Directors of Bankers Cobalt Mining, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. From 2005 to 2016, Yves actively contributed to some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the African mining industry, sealing this cycle with merging Moku Goldmines with Randgold. Former executive of the National Bank of Canada and member of several boards of directors in companies as diverse as agriculture, logistics, infrastructure and transportation, Yves remains a very active member in the Congolese socio-economic environment. He also had to develop regional socio-economic monographs (carrier niches) as part of the professional reintegration program entrusted to Core Advice, by piloting ad hoc teams and producing socio-economic supports about the DRC Provinces, to help people looking for work to orient their professional integration.

André Franck AHOYO

André Franck Ahoyo

André Franck AHOYO is an international consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of international cooperation, economic development and improvement of business climate in Frenchspeaking Africa.

Graduate of law and political science, André Frank is a specialist of the OHADA (Organisation pour l’Harmonisation du Droit des Affaires en Afrique): he was a technical assistant to advocate OHADA for the uniform act review process by the International Organization of the Francophonie and IFC (World Bank Group) together with the OHADA Permanent Secretary in Yaoundé (Cameroon) from 2009 to 2013. During his professional career, André Frank also served in the private sector within the Veolia Environment group. He is an administrator of the African Observatory of Business Practice (OAPA), he collaborates with the Association of Francophone Notariat (ANF) and participates to several think tanks.


Núria Vendrell-Nguema

Núria Vendrell-Nguema is a consultant in Human Resources Management and General Management on the African continent and in Europe. As such, she conducts Human Resources audits and organization assignments, recruitment of executives and senior executives, and skills assessments for private organizations and public or para-public institutions.

In addition, she leads training seminars in the field of human resources management and general management. Her experiences have led her to develop and manage large-scale projects with sub-regional institutions in Central Africa while understanding the financial and logistical aspects of the projects.


Géraldine Calmon

Géraldine Calmon has a dual background: initially social law lawyer, she then specialized in Human Resources management. As such, she has practiced mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. She has carried out Human Resources audits and organization assignments, recruitment of executives and senior executives, and skills assessments in private organizations and institutions.

She also facilitated various training sessions relating to human resources. Her experiences have led her to develop and manage large-scale projects with sub-regional institutions in Central Africa while understanding the financial and logistical aspects of the projects.
Since March 2022, Géraldine has been a certified Professional Coach RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), She is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and as such adheres to its code of ethics. As a Coach, Géraldine supports individuals and companies in their transition projects.

Mihaingosoa Ramarokoto

Mihaingosoa Ramarokoto is a consultant in the field of human resources management and she has participated in the organizational diagnosis of the management of human resources of the State (GRHE) including a short and medium-term action plan for the strengthening of HRM capabilities.

She has also led numerous recruitment missions and optimization of recruitment procedures, performance management, skills assessment, and orientation in the context of internal redeployments. Mihaingosoa has also led teacher professionalization missions. She has operated both in Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, and in Equatorial Africa.


Guy Laperrière

Graduate in management and human resources management, Guy Laperrière has more than 35 years of experience as a private company manager, an executive manager and a consultant in the development and organizational capacity building in the public and private sectors nationally and internationally.

Internationally, he has developed his expertise in project management, organizational development, human resources management and development, and capacity building in public administration. Guy has worked in a variety of cultural contexts, mainly in French-speaking Africa but also in Haiti and Saudi Arabia. His responsibilities included the modernization of human resources management in the central and territorial administration, the impetus and the management of administrative reforms, the clarification of the missions of the government, the quality of the services to the users, the organizational audits of ministries,…. Guy intervened in the training sector mainly in needs analysis and preparation of training programs for trainers and public service staff. In particular, he has developed expertise in the mining sector as a human resources manager and administrative manager in an autonomous mining structure under the supervision of the government and also as a manager and shareholder of public exploration companies. In Africa, Guy participated in environmental assessments, an institutional component of the mining sector and led projects in Algeria and Guinea Conakry to support the reorganization of mining structures, the strengthening of institutional capacities and the promotion of mining investments.


Michel Rambelo

Doctor of linguistics and graduate of the Institute of International Studies and Developing Countries, Michel Rambelo also has a background in human resources management.

After an experience as a consultant with the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation (now OIF), Michel has, for fifteen years, piloted on behalf of the World Bank and the Government of Madagascar, the program of support for privatization policy of public enterprises. He also participated in the implementation of the professional reintegration scheme for the staff of the Ministry of Public Works affected by the restructuring and he accompanied the General Directorate of the Treasury for the privatization of banks. These experiences and his past as a researcher have allowed Michel to develop not only expertise in professional reintegration but also in project management and training engineering.