a team of consultants with plural backgrounds (Africa, Canada, Europe) and with complementary expertise, partners or associates partners, grouped within Core Advice. Together we have proven experience in economic and institutional reforms in emerging countries.

For more than 20 years, the Core Advice team has been working with respect for others, transparency, while being involved every step of the way.

We offer our know-how to our clients, public and private development actors in emerging countries (governments, project management units, bi and multilateral donors, public companies, private operators, pan-African organizations). Beyond the inescapable respect of the rules and procedures, we are involved to make “tailor-made” projects and to mobilize responsiveness and creativity to achieve the objectives that are set by customers to their board.

Our skills have been enriched by real knowledge of the field, namely, all countries of Francophone Black Africa, some English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries and the Indian Ocean.

Our firm, based in Rome (Italy), has experienced various structural and statutory reforms but its human resources are those of its beginnings.

Our past and present customers enjoy the added value that we deliver in dealing with their challenges and we are proud to communicate, when required, the names and contact details of those who have trusted us and can attest of our commitment.

Our commitment

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